[c-nsp] Configure port to supply PoE only

Ricardo Stella stella at rider.edu
Thu Jan 14 17:56:50 EST 2016

Hi folks,

Sorry if this might be a 'stupid' question.  I need to test a wireless mesh
configuration and the only thing I have available to supply power to the
access points (PoE+) is a 2960S switch.

The switch is isolated to the network, but when it seems that when I add
more than one access point to it, they are 'talking' to each other.  So is
there a way to configure the ports so that the ports only supply power?
The moment the second access point is connected and goes up, I start
getting flapping errors.

Thanks in advance for your help and apologies if it is indeed a dumb
question. All I ask is that you minimize your laughs.  :)



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