[c-nsp] 1000BASE-ZX/LH multi-manufacturer interconnection

Livio Zanol Puppim livio.zanol.puppim at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 15:07:19 EST 2016

Hello everybody! I have a question regarding the interconnection of
equipments of different vendors using 1000BASE-ZX/LH. Since 1000BASE-ZX
isn`t standardized by IEEE, every manufacturer produces it`s own
transceiver with different characteristics.

*So my question is: Can I connect 2 equipments of different manufactures
using their own manufactured transceiver? Will there be a problem in this

Imagine connecting a Cisco equipment to a Juniper equipment. The optical
specifications of theirs transceiver are too different:

Cisco 1000BASE-ZX:
Wavelenght Range: 1500 to 1580
Transmit power: +5 to 0
Receive power: -3 to -23

Juniper 1000BASE-LH:
Wavelenght Range: 1460 to 1580
Transmit power: +3 to -3
Receive power: -3 to -20




Thanks in advance!


Lívio Zanol Puppim

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