[c-nsp] Cisco ASR920-24SZ-IM BVI Feature Limitations

Darin Herteen synack at live.com
Tue Jan 19 08:30:30 EST 2016

One of my use cases for the 920 was MVPN using mLDP Profile 1.

I have it operating thus far without issue in my lab today on 03.16.01a.S

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On 19/Jan/16 14:31, Adam Vitkovsky wrote:

> I agree with general meaning of NG-MVPN.
> But even with e.g. mLDP data-plane and BGP control plane there are plethora of options so one is not sure what is the topic of discussion.
> As for the mLDP one could be using Default/Partitioned MDT along with P2MP/MP2MP tree.
> And as for BGP control plane one could be using BGP-AD with or without BGP-C-MCAST.
> So a lot of ambiguity even though we narrow the discussion down to mLDP data-plane and BGP control-plane.

These are vendor-specific.

In the RFC, it's basic I-PMSI vs. S-PMSI (data plane) or RPT-SPT vs.
SPT-only (control plane), e.t.c.

How the vendor actually implements them is unique to them (hence the
fancy names some of these sub-features end up having). If you keep the
baisc principles in mind, you'll be fine, especially in multi-vendor

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