[c-nsp] virtual router on a cat4500

Arie Vayner ariev at vayner.net
Mon Jan 18 16:08:57 EST 2016

This should work with no major issues.

I would consider making the firewall a layer 3 hop, and use something like
VRRP for redundancy and maybe use BGP as the routing protocol... But these
are just options. I personally don't like layer 2 firewalls, and there
might be design complications due to spanning tree in a redundant mode...

Another interesting approach for easy redundancy is to make the pair of
4500's a logical VSS node.

If you intend to run OSPF with VRF-lite, you need to enable "capability


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> Hi all,I need community feedback about carving a virtual router instance
> out of Cat4507r+e Sup7-e. Let me explain. I have a pair of said Cat4507
> running as distribution switches. I need to add two new routers to
> terminate MPLS VPN connection. Currently this connection terminates on a
> firewall, which is not ideal and I would like to change it. Hence, two new
> routers. And then I thought, why not create a vrf on the catalyst and use
> it as my CE. All I need is two interfaces, BGP and OSPF. So physically I
> would still have same Cat4507 but logically it would be   [L3 distribution]
> --- [ firewall ] --- [ mpls ce ]where distribution is the default VRF on
> the Cat4507 and CE is the new VRF on the same Catalyst.Any reasons why I
> should not do it?One concern I have is running OSPF between these two
> VRFs.Any insight would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Eli
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