[c-nsp] cisco-nsp Digest, Vol 164, Issue 4

Christina Klam cklam at ias.edu
Tue Jul 5 08:48:04 EDT 2016

> I think it's unlikely ASR1k has that issue, but OP could test; capture 
> the packets, examine/decode in Wireshark, compare known test traffic w/ 
> good wall-clock timestamps against the values in the flow. Need to be 
> sure you capture the template records too.
> If the in-packet flow timestamps look good, it's probably a 
> template/field interpretation bug/difference b/w nfsen and ASR.

When we did the tcpdumps, we saw the correct timestamps being sent.
Yet, nfsen was only showing the epoch date.  This was on our 4500X & our

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