[c-nsp] ISR4431-AX/K9

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Isn't WAAS their WAN acceleration product?  I don't think NBAR has any
reliance on that.  You just use NBAR to identify the traffic, then normal
QOS policy to do something with it.  I haven't done it on an ASR or ISR 4K,
but that's how it's worked on all previous devices.


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Kind of worried based on
ted-services-routers-isr/guide_c07-726864.html that I'm also going to have
to buy: 



DRAM upgrade to 16GB, Flash Memory upgrade to 16GB, NIM Carrier and 200GB
SSD Bundle


Not sure if WAAS is required for NBAR2, though, or even if not, if I should
use WAAS instead, or if they are synonymous.


And 1300 WAAS Optimized TCP Connections seems tiny, considering the ASA 5520
in line with it reports high water marks of up to 187,000 connections,
though averages about half that probably. Maybe WAAS connections are not the
same, though .


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Hey guys,


If I need a router that can do application based bandwidth throttling
(NBAR2) at 500M-1G aggregate throughput, ISR4431-AX/K9 should do the trick,
right? It seems to provide the features and throughput. Please tell me if
I'm wrong (other services enabled on the router will be limited to BGP and




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