[c-nsp] Determining license for asr 9001

Rod Bio rjubio at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 22:21:44 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,

We recently bought asr 9001s. Coming from IOS and now having to deal 
with IOS XR, I am having difficulty understanding the license included 
with this box. My IOS XR version is 5.2.4

The software included according to the distributor delivery receipt says 
"Cisco IOS XR IP/MPLS Core Software 3DES". Now this naming suggest that 
MPLS is included in the bundle but looking through the available 
commands it looks like "mpls ldp" is not available. Checking the "sh 
ver" it looks like I am missing this "asr9k-mpls-px.pie" optional 
individual package.

Now, am I wrong to assume that the software bundle includes mpls?



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