[c-nsp] ASR1000 RP1 vs RP2

Curtis Piehler cpiehler2 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 16:17:34 EDT 2016

I see the main difference between the two is the 32 bit OS vs a 64 bit and
1.5 single core vs a 2.2 dual core.   Yes the memory is increased and hard
drive space.

If a 1006 will be used for some DS1 and Ethernet termination would an RP1
be enough?   I could also do with an ESP20 and SIP10s since they allow for
2:1 oversubscription and do not think I will hit the 2:1 in the foreseeable
near future.

As far as network services:
BFD on selective peers
BGP on above selective peers
Three copies of the Internet routing table (one from each route reflector)
Some QOS


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