[c-nsp] ASR1000 RP1 vs RP2

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Ive got some ASR1006's with RP1/SIP10....purchased years ago, and they do the job, but If buying one now, Id def go RP2...writing conf, sh commands(Both can be horribly slow vs RP2), flexibility to add more ram, bigger/newer SIPs/ESPs etc....more $, but worth it imo.

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I see the main difference between the two is the 32 bit OS vs a 64 bit and
1.5 single core vs a 2.2 dual core.   Yes the memory is increased and hard
drive space.

If a 1006 will be used for some DS1 and Ethernet termination would an RP1
be enough?   I could also do with an ESP20 and SIP10s since they allow for
2:1 oversubscription and do not think I will hit the 2:1 in the foreseeable
near future.

As far as network services:
BFD on selective peers
BGP on above selective peers
Three copies of the Internet routing table (one from each route reflector)
Some QOS

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