HQos on 7600 port-channels

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 6 23:38:18 EDT 2016

Hi all,
Following on from a comment in a recent thread about QoS on an EtherChannel on ASR...

At this point in time most of our gear is 7600's running ES20+ cards (IOS is 15.2.something). In an effort to provide redundancy we would like to use port-channels (LAG, etherchannel/bundle/bond, etc) to group a couple of interfaces together.
The problem we're facing is that QoS doesn't work on them. These cards tend to have a lot of smaller services aggregated on them, so that we need to shape each individual sub-int / VLAN to the speed of the underlying service (eg. 200Mbps) and then apply a QoS policy to the shaped service (ie. parent shaper + child queueing policy per each service).
Trying to apply this to a port-channel sub-int just plain doesn't work (it gives an error about being unsupported). Applying it to a service instance under a port channel also has limited results.
Is there any way to gain some redundancy where the carrier is handing off to us as two interfaces that we could run a port-channel across, but doing so currently breaks the HQoS ? At this point in time our best idea is to have the config on one single port and then in the event of that port/cable/card failing, manually remove/copy/edit/paste the config to the "redundant" port. This isn't a real solution though and I prefer to try and do things in a manner that won't involve me having to wake up at 3am if it can be avoided.
Any thoughts on how to skin this cat ?


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