[c-nsp] MPLS load-balancing on ME-3800X

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 04:24:59 EDT 2016

Reviving this old thread...

On 6 March 2012 at 06:01, Mark Tinka <mtinka at globaltransit.net> wrote:
> On Monday, March 05, 2012 06:18:27 PM Tassos
> Chatzithomaoglou wrote:
>> To correct my first email, i'm looking for ether-channel
>> load-balancing of MPLS traffic.
> AFAIK, you don't get any MPLS-based load balancing options
> for 802.1AX on the ME3600X/3800X as you would on the 6500.
> However, we do have some ME3600X's running as pure Layer 2
> core switches in some small PoP's, and they are able to load
> share MPLS traffic coming from MPLS-speaking/encapsulating
> routers. Not quite sure how that is happening, but compared
> to the Juniper EX4200's we had there before that failed
> completely to do the same, something is happening on the
> ME3600X's in a good way.
> Just been too busy to follow-up with Cisco.
> Maybe Waris can chime in if he sees this.
> Mark.

Does anyone know the answer to this?

In the case of a layer 2 ether-channel how is MPLS labelled traffic
balanced on an ME3600X/ME3800X and ASR920? I've been search the Cisco
doc's for the MEs and they aren't very informative.


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