[c-nsp] asr920 - push two vlans

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
Wed Jun 22 14:50:11 EDT 2016

If IOS XE on the 920 is similar to IOS on ME3600 at least to the extent of
efp (si) implementation.... then perhaps this will work (taken from my
operational me3600)

interface GigabitEthernet0/1
switchport trunk allowed vlan none
 switchport mode trunk
 mtu 9202
 load-interval 30
 speed nonegotiate
 service instance 1000 ethernet
  encapsulation dot1q 1000 second-dot1q 100
  rewrite ingress tag pop 2 symmetric
  l2protocol tunnel
  xconnect 10000 encapsulation mpls
   mtu 1500


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