[c-nsp] Private IP in point to point link on internet

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Yes - We were going to use /31's for cust eth links, but as Win7 etc dont support them, it made testing the links to a Lappy/PC rather difficult, so had to stick with wasting 2 IP's and use /30

All our Core p-t-p links are /31s though...saves a heap on IP "wastage"

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On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 06:00:18PM +0000, Nick Cutting wrote:
<... other stuff about /31's cut.. >
> Only the two devices need to support it
> ASA will not, Cisco IOS/XR/XE will

Since the RFC specifies /31 *only* for WANs, I've found that many
ethernet only things have no support for /31. Only router type products
in my experience.
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