[c-nsp] vss links via linecards

Arne Larsen / Region Nordjylland arla at rn.dk
Wed Jun 29 14:06:56 EDT 2016

Hi All

Is there someone that have seen this before.
We are running VSS-144 on Cisco6807 with sup2T-dfc4-a sup and sw 151-2.SY3.
We have had breakdown on to systems, with the same error messages.
%CPU_MONITOR-SW2-6-VSS_NOT_HEARD: CPU_MONITOR messages have not been heard for 30 seconds
The vss links are connected with one on the sup and the other is connected via 6904 linecard.
We have others setup where the both vss links are running  on the sup, and here we haven't seen any errors.
I'm not that happy with the setup where one of the links are running on the line card.
I'we been digging in bug tracks, but I can't find anything that  reflect our error directly.
Could it be the issue running links via the line cards.


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