[c-nsp] vss links via linecards

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 05:24:57 EDT 2016

Hi  Arne,

You are most likely to see that syslog message if you have a either, a
physical problem with the line card/ASICs (so the card isn't
responding to the heart beats from the SP/RP) and you need to reseat
it, reboot it or RMA it. Or if this is happening during periods of
high traffic volume you probably have congestion in your chassis
somewhere (if there is oversubscription on the card try to calculate
if the fabric ASIC might be getting maxed out, or if the EOBC is
getting maxed out etc).

Basically the heart beats between RP/SP and line card aren't getting
through for some reason, since one VSS link is on a line card I would
suspect some congestion inside the chassis somewhere (I don't know
about 6800s, but in 6500s/7600s you can't run them at absolute 100% I
don't believe).


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