[c-nsp] Connected routes / Static routes advertised to RR's

CiscoNSP List CiscoNSP_list at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 29 17:20:46 EDT 2016

Apologies Nick - All those commands where entered from the RR (I had that at the top of output, but Ill be sure to add rr# / #rr-client in future)

rr-client#sh ip route xxx.xxx.79.106
Routing entry for xxx.xxx.79.104/30
  Known via "connected", distance 0, metric 0 (connected, via interface)
  Redistributing via bgp YYYYY
  Advertised by bgp YYYYY route-map INTERNAL_RANGES
  Routing Descriptor Blocks:
  * directly connected, via GigabitEthernet0/1/0.539
      Route metric is 0, traffic share count is 1

From: Nick Hilliard <nick at foobar.org>
Sent: Wednesday, 29 June 2016 8:48 PM
To: CiscoNSP List
Cc: cisco-nsp at puck.nether.net
Subject: Re: [c-nsp] Connected routes / Static routes advertised to RR's

CiscoNSP List wrote:
> Static route to that prefix on the RR-client, shows as "no best path"
> as the 79.106 prefix is "inaccessible"?  but as above, it is
> accessible and I can ping it? (So the static is not advertised to any
> other RR-clients):

you'd make it a lot easier for people to see what was going on if you
used rr# and client# for the prompts, as appropriate.

What does "show ip route xxx.xxx.79.106" look like on the client?


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