[c-nsp] Connected routes / Static routes advertised to RR's

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Thu Jun 30 03:49:28 EDT 2016

> Just an update to this - the "match protocol static" didnt fix the problem, 
> but adding "next-hop-self" to peer policy did....I dont know if both were 
> required (Only had limited time to test)....but static routes on the RR-client 
> are now working, as the next hop is now the loop of the rr-client.

> Thanks to all who replied...and if anyone could confirm if "both" conf additions 
> are necessary, or if just "next-hop-self" is, it would be greatly appreciated 
> (I wont have access to the routers until tomorrow to test to see if they are both needed)

match protocol static on the RR’s NHT route-map will not make a difference, the route towards the NH is visible via OSPF on the RR, not via static.

Using next-hop-self on the edge routers is generally considered best-practice, even if you’re not using selective NHT on the RR..


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