[c-nsp] c6500 process memory

Jerry Bacon jerryb at startouch.com
Thu Jun 30 19:06:45 EDT 2016

In my experience, once you get above about 90%, you have to be worried. Any 
large bump in the routing can very easily cause memory exhaustion and 
subsequent meltdown.

If you can keep it at around 70%, you shouldn't have any issues.


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From: Paul

I assume it's a sup720, there's nothing you can do. Make sure you stay
on the old code train SXI or SXJ and that's about it.

Eventually it will run out of ram before it runs out of tcam space (bad
design on their part i guess)

Cisco could work around this by implementing compression or offloading
some more processes to the SP but I doubt they have interest in reviving
the old platform.

70% is nothing really, I wouldn't worry about it until it's over 95%

On 6/30/2016 12:18 PM, james list wrote:
> Dear experts,
> just to ask if there are any guidance or best practice about process 
> memory
> utilization, currently on my C6500 I'm at 70% usage and would like to know
> if I need to be alterted or not...
> I use this box for full routing table (BGP process is the higher memory
> user)...

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