[c-nsp] DWDM Passive or Active Multiplexing

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 9 16:55:51 EST 2016

> Hi Tim, thanks for your great info! Appreciate it.
> Hey Bill, thanks for your offline email and confirming that the passive
> DWDM should work in our environment. All great info!!
> Our ring is east and westbound within 30km and in between, we currently
> have like 6 drops active and looking to add another 4 drops on it. Yeah, I
> know when we add site, it will loses some dB, but I guess we should be
> fine.
> I am going back to Cisco SE and his technical team and have a debate about
> Passive vs Active again. Since they are forcing me to go with Active
> solution only.

I would suggest you talk to some other vendor as well, specifically a vendor
how cares about passive solutions.

I may be wrong, but my impression is that Cisco is EOL'ing the entire
*passive* CWDM and DWDM gear. Whens the last time Cisco shipped
a new *passive* CWDM or DWDM product?

It is probably in their commercial interest to promote their active gear.

Careful with vendors advice.


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