[c-nsp] DWDM Passive or Active Multiplexing

Jeremy Bresley brez at brezworks.com
Wed Mar 9 19:04:54 EST 2016

On 3/9/2016 6:45 PM, Josh Karki wrote:
> Hmm...I haven't heard that Cisco is Eol'ing the passive *WDM gears. This is
> odd. I will talk to our SE about it and can confirm. We purchased a couple
> of Mux8 and some OADM4 port CWDM devices about 2 and half years ago.
> Cisco Active solution with ONS is very expensive. I agree, I think we
> should look for other vendor as well. Yes, the need is 10g only. For other
> vendor, any recommendation you guys can provide?
> Thanks!
> Josh
I can't speak to the roadmap or plans for that product, but the only 
thing that is currently announced for EOL is the EWDM-OA amplifier. 
There is no announced EOL for the 2/4/8 port units.

Jeremy "TheBrez" Bresley
brez at brezworks.com

(Cisco employee, but I don't speak for them, and this is based solely on 
the publicly available information about the product.)

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