[c-nsp] TI MoFRR flow

Pavel Vraštiak vrastiak at itself.cz
Thu Mar 17 06:20:09 EDT 2016

is there please anyone that has successfully configured TI MoFRR? I have
two ASR9ks. I would like to use one as a head and the other one as a
tail for the MoFRR:


   flow mofrr-acl
   clone source S to S1 and S2 masklen 32


  rpf-vector inject S1 masklen 32 R1
  rpf-vector inject S2 masklen 32 R2 R3 R1
   flow mofrr-acl
   clone join S to S1 and S2 masklen 32

I do not see anything forwarded and no joins on the head router.

Is that a problem that on a tail ASR both RPFs interfaces are on the
same linecard? I have not found a lot of information on this feature :(.

Best regards,
Pavel Vraštiak

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