[c-nsp] ISR4451 or ASR920

Nick Cutting ncutting at edgetg.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 07:49:53 EDT 2016

However we seriously considered 920 for internet edge with minimal BGP routes only - for that we had to go ASR1k to keep in-line with other offices, 

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We/Clients needed netflow from the get-go, as far as I know - it's still not available on the 920 ;( Plus we use some VRF-lite + static VTI/DMVPN which I do not know if it is supported on the 920

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On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 08:49:05AM +0000, Nick Cutting wrote:
> We bought a few 4451's but that was before the 4431 came out.
> For edge gigabit internet devices (BGP default route only) , when NOT 
> using ASR1k,  we now use ISR4431/K9 + 1 gig throughput  license They 
> are one U, unlike 4451 which is 2U and somehow filled with bricks

Did you not evaluate ASR920 at all ("1U, not very deep") or do you need ISR features that the ASR920 doesn't have?

Just curious.

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