[c-nsp] IPerf alternative

Gustav Ulander gustav.ulander at telecomputing.se
Wed Aug 9 05:37:27 EDT 2017

We use some small computers similar to Intel NUC to work as probes in our POPs and DCs. 
We get them for like 200 USD or similar and use them for Netrounds. 


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lll def check this out - Cheers - from a hardware perspective, pizza box 1RU servers work great, but we would also like a "smaller" option that we can send to various POPs for testing....has anyone got suggestions ?  I doubt the raspberry pi range would have the grunt to push 1G (or more?)...I maybe wrong though? perhaps one of the forks?


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I'm not sure how stuck on Layer3 protocols you are, but this https://github.com/jwbensley/Etherate is a nice Layer2 testing tool.

GitHub - jwbensley/Etherate: Linux CLI Ethernet and MPLS ...<https://github.com/jwbensley/Etherate>
Etherate - Linux CLI Ethernet and MPLS Testing Tool


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Hi everyone,

Looking for an alternative to IPerf for link testing - Having some "reliability" concerns with IPerf results (Primarily with simultaneous data transfers) - Any recommendations are greatly appreciated (10G capabilities would be fantastic, but not 100% necessary) - Has anyone used/tried Ostinato ? Primarily after a tool that can provide load testing results (simultaneous bidirectional, one direction, and UDP/TCP are primary requirements...Happy to look at a commercial product/appliance if it ticks all the boxes, but not wanting to spend a fortune :)

Thanks in advance
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