[c-nsp] Etherchannel QOS support on ISR4K

Chuck Church chuckchurch at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 08:55:46 EDT 2017


       I've been looking everywhere for a definitive doc on Ingress QOS
service-policy support.  All the docs I've found on Cisco's site seem to
mentions IOS-XE 3, but seem to be ASR1K specific.  Can't seem to find any
etherchannel docs for ISR4K specifically.  Upon trying to apply an ingress
policy on a 4K port channel int (main int has IP address, no subints), the
error message "service-policy input COS-IN not supported on this target" is
displayed. It's a 4451-X running 3.13.3. Port channel config looks like
interface Port-channel1 description HJ102530 Customer LAN ip address
10.x.y.2 no ip proxy-arp ip flow monitor netflow input ip
flow monitor netflow output ip tcp adjust-mss 1432 no negotiation auto

Now I did find in this doc:

reference to these commands: port-channel load-balancing vlan-manual
or load-balancing
vlan (on interface)

This router is ISP-owned so I'd like to find out the definitive answer
prior to having them try something.  Anyone know the real deal with QOS and



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