[c-nsp] Typhoon support on XRe

adamv0025 at netconsultings.com adamv0025 at netconsultings.com
Tue May 2 04:47:45 EDT 2017

> Tom Hill
> Sent: Monday, May 01, 2017 9:21 PM
> > Looking at the GPL, the new 24x10G/1G card is a bit cheaper than the
> > equivalent Typhoon 24x10G card, and takes noticeably less power, as
> > there is single NPU and FIA complex driving the whole card.  So it
> > does seem like cost effective upgrade for new greenfield A9K
> deployments.
> Hmm, looks like itprice.com need to get their gpl version updated...!
> The 24x10G Typhoon card was always an expensive sod, but the
> oversubscription (in terms of PPS) was very, very low. A good card if
> taking on a lot of DoS traffic regularly, but part of the reason it's so
> expensive.
Oh dear, 16.67Mpps budget per 10GE is now acceptable? We're doomed. 
Line-rate 10Gbps at L2(64B)@L1(84B) is 29.761Mpps (both directions) -that's
what I'd expect the modern 100GE LCs to deliver, not that I'd like to
forward 64B frames at 240G but to forward higher packet sizes at line-rate
and still have some budget left for features (QOS, Filters, flowspec, ...)
and not to crumble under DDoS. 
The good old Typhoons with 3x10GE per NPU can do 29.33Mpps per 10GE (now
that's more like it).  

Also one NPU for too many ports is a red flag, too many eggs in one basket,
(one pps underpowered basket). 

And this is not just Cisco it's all vendors unfortunately, trying to put as
many 100G per NPU as possible, we'll end up in situation where minimum
line-rate packet size will be 1500B, oh and only under pure L3 switching
conditions. Doing 100s of Gbps is easy keeping up with the PPS rate is the
hard part.  


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