[c-nsp] Typhoon support on XRe

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Tue May 2 05:27:42 EDT 2017

On 2 May 2017 at 09:47,  <adamv0025 at netconsultings.com> wrote:
> Oh dear, 16.67Mpps budget per 10GE is now acceptable? We're doomed.
> Line-rate 10Gbps at L2(64B)@L1(84B) is 29.761Mpps (both directions) -that's
> what I'd expect the modern 100GE LCs to deliver, not that I'd like to
> forward 64B frames at 240G but to forward higher packet sizes at line-rate
> and still have some budget left for features (QOS, Filters, flowspec, ...)
> and not to crumble under DDoS.
> The good old Typhoons with 3x10GE per NPU can do 29.33Mpps per 10GE (now
> that's more like it).

Is that 16.67Mpps uni-directional though? 14.48M 84B Ethernet frames
is 10Gbps, maybe they meant unidirectional so they have some head room
for QoS cycles et al?


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