[c-nsp] RSP failover vs Chassis failover for switch/router clusters

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Thu May 25 09:44:36 EDT 2017

I really like my data center Juniper EX4550's.  I'm using these as Virtual
Chassis using a vcm/vcp 128 gig card and 10' cable to make possible the
virtual chassis.  They have been solid performers for me for a few years.
I'm not using them for mpls.  I understand they don't do mpls l2vpn's.  I
recall testing mpls l3vpn's successfully in my eval period, but most folks
want/need l2vpn in the dc.  I create a bunch of lag (ae) interfaces up and
down towards servers and core network... at the core network mpls pe ingress
I do my mpls l2vpn tricks.

root at stlr-dcvc-4550> show chassis routing-engine | grep "uptime|model"
    Model                          EX4550-32F
    Uptime                         1441 days, 17 hours, 54 minutes, 48
    Model                          EX4550-32F
    Uptime                         1441 days, 18 hours, 15 minutes, 40

- Aaron

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