[c-nsp] Add/Insert RADIUS id attribute

Guy Lowe guy at hd.net.nz
Mon Nov 13 21:55:58 EST 2017

On 14/11/17 14:22, Robert Blayzor wrote:

> NAS-port-type doesn’t really help as I could have multiple port types over the bba-group.

It can be set on a per-(sub)interface basis. Instead of leaving it
default, and receiving 32 for PPPoEoE / 33 for PPPoEoVLAN / 34 for
PPPoEoQinQ, set NAS-Port-Type to 20001 for bba-group AAAA ports and
20002 for bba-group BBBB ports.

> Already going option 2, but it’s becoming un-maintainable with hundreds of intfs, even using regex matching…   Also when moving/adding/removing ports from the router, I want to avoid having to alter the RADIUS server each time.

Pull them from your NMS based on interface description, and do bitwise
comparison on NAS-Port instead of string comparison on NAS-Port-Id.

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