[c-nsp] 4431 - L2TPV3 xconnect inside Service Instance

Richard Clayton sledge121 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 13:04:34 EST 2018

Hi Guys

I have two main sites, HQ and DR, the site has layer 2 p2p between them and
a 4431 on each for the WAN.  They want layer two backup over the 4431 WAN
circuits for their existing layer 2 p2p.
I have tested L2TPV3 xconnect inside LAN facing Service Instance, the
L2TPV3 session establishes, but is not passing and frames.  My question.
Is L2TPV3 xconnect inside a Service Instance supported on 4431 IOS XE, or
do I need to change my lab to either OTV or VXLAN?

I have the AppX license installed on both routers.

Thanks in advance of you assistance.


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