[c-nsp] ASR 99xx IOS-XR images are all EoL/EoS?

Charles Spurgeon c.spurgeon at austin.utexas.edu
Wed Dec 19 14:59:16 EST 2018

The most recent starred (recommended) images on Cisco CCO for the ASR
9904 running 32-bit IOS-XR are 6.3.3 and 6.4.2.

However, both releases were listed as EoL in Sept/Oct 2018 bulletins:

6.3 is EoS as of 19Mar2019 with last maintenance release 18Sept2019. 
6.4 is EoS on 30Sept2019 with last maintenance on 29Mar2020

There do not appear to be any other releases available for this platform.

Does anyone have info on what is going on? What are people running on
their ASR 99xx platforms?



c.spurgeon at austin.utexas.edu

ITS Networking
University of Texas at Austin

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