[c-nsp] ASR 99xx IOS-XR images are all EoL/EoS?

Tom Hill tom at ninjabadger.net
Wed Dec 19 15:35:38 EST 2018

On 19/12/2018 20:29, Tim Warnock wrote:
> When I saw a version 6 XR image for an ASR9001 I was shocked.
> I had been told quite a while ago that 5.3.4 was it and no to expect anything newer.

It was my counter on sun-setting 32-bit XR that the 9001 was the device
that would warrant keeping it going the longest. There are so, so many
perfectly useful 9001s out there that will need security updates for a
long time to come, and 64-bit XR it does not do.

The 9904 on the other hand, is upgradeable to parts that support 64-bit
XR. ;)


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