[c-nsp] ASR 99xx IOS-XR images are all EoL/EoS?

Charles Spurgeon c.spurgeon at austin.utexas.edu
Thu Dec 20 11:49:52 EST 2018

* Tom Hill <tom at ninjabadger.net> [2018-12-19 20:19:09 +0000]:

> On 19/12/2018 19:59, Charles Spurgeon wrote:
> > Does anyone have info on what is going on? What are people running on
> > their ASR 99xx platforms?
> It matters deeply which 99xx, and what supervisor(s) you have in it.
>  9904 uses the same RSPs as 9006/9010.
>  9906 and 9910 use a different RSP, with expandable 'S' capacity.
>  9912 and 9922 use an RP, with the 'S' function entirely removed.
> A recent BRKARC-2003 (from Cisco Live!) will have more details.
> In this instance I suspect the 9904 is witnessing a push from Cisco to
> move their customers towards 3rd generation supervisors and above;
> that's RSP-880[-RL] and newer in the 9904's case. This will be because
> those generations support the 64-bit variant of IOS-XR.

Thanks. Our 9904s have RSP880s and a 8X100GE-TR line card in each, so
we're good for a 64-bit conversion.

Meanwhile, our support channel dug up the info that a 6.5.2 EMR
release is planned for Jan/Feb 2019. 

They also provided a link to an ASR software guidance doc at:

Given this info we plan to upgrade from 5.3.4 to 6.4.2 to get onto
supported code and then we'll use the 6.5 release to convert to 64-bit
operation during our summer maintenance in 2019.


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