[c-nsp] QoS and groups of subscribers

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Wed Feb 13 03:26:42 EST 2019

Hi Mike,

>     I have a group of subscribers using PPPoE, and I was wondering if 
> there
> would be a way to implement a common QoS policy whereby every member
> of this group shares a single virtual 100mbps pipe? The situation I want 
> to
> deal with is oversubscription and wanting to try and enforce queuing at 
> the
> head end router where I know the bandwidth of the transport network
> behind it, and wanting to try and improve fairness for these users so a 
> small
> group does not drown out everyone else. I know and already have a working
> solution for implementing CAR for individual users (well tested here), but
> what I am talking about here is for an entire group sharing one pool of
> bandwidth.
>     I don't really know what I am looking for here other than more fairly
> sharing 100mbps amoungst a group of competing users, but in concept if I
> am going to do it, then it might be nice to see what can be done not only 
> for
> a larger group but also at the level of per subscriber and see about 
> making
> more intelligent queuing / shaping decisions to improve overall service
> quality for end users who otherwise DDoS themselves. Would love any
> pointers or examples of how this has been done already elsewhere.

The short answer is yes.
The long answer is going to depend on your platform and the configuration 
being used.
For example if asr1k or asr9k or other? One subinterface for all pppoe 
traffic? Traffic coming in on different interfaces?

On an asr1k for example you can assign to the  interface a global parent 

policy-map interfacebandwidth
 class class-default
  shape average 100000000

and then assign via radius the single qos user policies setting the 
bandwidth remaining ratio to assign bandwidth ratios (or percent) to the 
single users

policy-map 10M512k-parent
 class class-default
  shape average 10000000
  set cos 0
   service-policy 10M512k

policy-map 10M512k
 class VoIP
  priority 512
class class-default
  bandwidth remaining ratio 1

asr9k is similar search for H-qos.

There are some good cisco live presentations for both platforms that explain 
all the gory details.



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