[c-nsp] PBR or ABF on XR for 12000 series

Lee Starnes lee.t.starnes at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 16:33:02 EST 2019

Hello all,

I have a need to be able to do policy based routing  for next hop set, but
can't find anything that works in XR. We presently are doing this with VRFs
but need to move away from the VRFs because this causes the ipv6_io to
crash over and over when doing this for IPv6 traffic. Are there any options
on the 12000 besides the VRFs?

This is on a 12410 chassis.

LC/0/2/CPU0:Feb 15 13:23:18.287 : dumper[52]: %OS-DUMPER-7-DUMP_REQUEST :
Dump request for process pkg/bin/ipv6_io
LC/0/2/CPU0:Feb 15 13:23:18.300 : dumper[52]: %OS-DUMPER-7-DUMP_ATTRIBUTE :
Dump request with attribute 7 for process pkg/bin/ipv6_io
LC/0/2/CPU0:Feb 15 13:23:18.306 : dumper[52]: %OS-DUMPER-4-SIGSEGV : Thread
4 received SIGSEGV - Segmentation Fault
LC/0/2/CPU0:Feb 15 13:23:18.306 : dumper[52]: %OS-DUMPER-4-SIGSEGV_INFO :
Accessed BadAddr 0x7c479003 at PC 0x7831e254. Signal code 1 - SEGV_MAPPER.
Address not mapped.
LC/0/2/CPU0:Feb 15 13:23:18.306 : dumper[52]: %OS-DUMPER-4-CRASH_INFO :
Crashed pid = 6045792 (pkg/bin/ipv6_io)

Thank in advance,


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