[c-nsp] ASR920 is a ticking timebomb (CSCvk35460)

Lukas Tribus lists at ltri.eu
Wed Feb 20 04:31:55 EST 2019


CSCvk35460 is now marked as a duplicate of CSCvc27889, which has a
different trigger (reload, as opposed to long uptime).
CSCvc27889 is fixed in 15.5(3)S6 (XE 3.16.6).

Apparently the symptoms of CSCvk35460 sound somehow similar to those
of CSCvc27889 to Cisco, although I've yet to get a technical
explanation about the details of the fix.

I assume the BU is not interested in troubleshooting CSCvk35460 on
releases without the CSCvc27889 fix; I will try anyway when I hit it.


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