[c-nsp] QinQ termination on a Catalyst 6800

Christophe Fillot cf at utc.fr
Tue Feb 19 03:04:57 EST 2019

On 18/02/2019 23:11, Peter Rathlev wrote:
> On Mon, 2019-02-18 at 20:14 +0000, Tom Hill wrote:
>> On 14/02/2019 09:01, Christophe Fillot wrote:
>>> Anyone knows if this platform supports QinQ termination ?
>>> The "encapsulation dot1q X second-dot1q Y" command is not present,
>>> but
>>> maybe there is another way to do it ?
>> EVCs?
> I don't think it does double tagging even with EVCs. The following is
> from a Sup6T running 15.3, but I think 15.5 is the same. I would love
> to hear that it isn't, I don't have a 15.5 box to test right now.

Unfortunately, it's the same in 15.5, the only option for rewrite is to push tags, and encapsulation supports only basic 802.1Q...



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