[c-nsp] BGP - advertising default route to Branch offices

Mike mike+lists at yourtownonline.com
Wed Aug 12 21:25:56 EDT 2020

On 8/12/20 5:20 PM, Yham wrote:
> Hello Gentlemen,
> I have 100+ branch offices peering BGP with Core and I need to advertise
> the default route (only) to them. Core switches are receiving the default
> route via eBGP from upstream devices. I can think of two ways to advertise
> the default route as follows
> 1- advertise/pass on the default route that core switches receive from
> upstream edge devices. Along with that add a static default route pointing
> to null0 with higher administrative distance and redistribute into BGP.
> that way if for any reason upstream edge devices stop advertising the
> default route, the static default route will kick in.
> 2 - default-originate command under every BGP neighborship. I have 100+
> neighbors so configure this command for all.
> Can anyone please tell which is considered a best practice when it comes to
> the advertising default route? If any vendor documentation addresses this,
> please feel free to share.

This really sounds like OSPF may have been a better choice, IMHO.

Do you have more than one link back to core from each site? If not, then
why not just stick with/use a static default? Easier to configure and
nearly goof-proof.

Otherwise, I would think that 'default-originate' would be the better
choice under each neighborship.


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