[c-nsp] ASR920 LACP and xconnect

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Fri Aug 21 11:05:02 EDT 2020

The same behavior, but there is no 'on' option for the ASR (in this XE version, anyway). Only options are 'active' and 'passive'. I think 'channel-group 1<enter>' is a valid config, but I have not tried it. Given some of the responses I've received already, I'm going to assume this is just not officially supported.


On 8/21/20, 10:38 AM, "James Bensley" <jwbensley+cisco-nsp at gmail.com> wrote:

    What happens if you change each interface to be "channel-group 1 mode
    on" and remove "l2protocol peer lacp" to disable LACP and remove it
    from the equation?


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