ASR1k mlppp speedlimit?

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at
Wed Feb 19 12:49:32 EST 2020

Hi Harald,

> sh int Vi2.304
> Virtual-Access2.304 is up, line protocol is up
>   Hardware is Virtual Access interface
>   Description: PPPoE-transport
>   Interface is unnumbered. Using address of Loopback0
>   MTU 1492 bytes, BW 100000 Kbit/sec, DLY 100000 usec,
> --
> Now the only question that's bothering us:
> How does one change this BW value for VIs?

You can set bandwith in the virtual template.
Direct termination does not derive anything from dsl line rate in the  pppoe set up , you can only send it to radius.


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