[c-nsp] Intra-device routing between VRFs

Bryan Holloway bryan at shout.net
Fri Jan 3 09:36:41 EST 2020

I've been attempting to lab up an ASR9001 running 5.3.4 for a PoC 
scenario of routing between two internal VRFs: "default" and "peering". 
You can probably guess the use-case.

While I've been successful in getting each VRF to talk to the things 
that particular VRF should talk to, getting the two VRFs to talk amongst 
themselves has been challenging.

Installing specific static routes between the two VRFs works, but it 
doesn't scale.

After turning the Google- and Cisco-cranks several times, I get the 
impression that yes: it's possible, and no: maybe not.

I'm not necessarily looking for a HOWTO (although I'm not going to 
object to one) ... I'm more curious if anyone has made this work and if 
I'm barking up the right tree. At least one article I read suggests that 
I need later firmware to do what I want.

In essence, I think the final piece is to get an IGP (or iBGP) up and 
running between the two VRFs so that when I bring up a new customer in 
"default", that things in "peering" can see said customer, and vice versa.

Any input on-line or off- would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

		- bryan

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