[c-nsp] Cisco NCS VxLAN Experience

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Jan 10 10:22:08 EST 2020

On 10/Jan/20 16:57, Tom Hill wrote:

> To some extent, I would agree. Though I do not agree entirely.
> At a certain level of "one size fits all", you reach a point where no,
> actually that box isn't suitable for every function. Either it's
> designed for a different use-case, or the bill of materials is too high
> for areas where lighter feature sets will suffice.
> Differentiation of hardware features vs. hardware cost, is why we don't
> all run the same laptop, phone, car, bicycle, etc.

We all understand and agree that some kind of specialization is
necessary for certain use-cases.

There isn't any equipment vendor that ships only one piece of hardware,
and we can understand why, and why that makes sense.

But what Cisco are doing goes above and beyond what we can accept.


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