[c-nsp] EOBC0/0 ifInErrors

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Mon Oct 12 12:12:32 EDT 2020

Eugene Grosbein wrote on 12/10/2020 10:07:
> Forgot show show that moment:
> http://www.grosbein.net/cisco/eobc0_0-inc.png
> Both graps show same value, upper graph shows maximum over an hour, lower (blue) is an average over an hour.
>> Today at 12:16 another one (now inactive) RSP module was ejected physically and error rate decreases again but not ceased:
>> http://www.grosbein.net/cisco/eobc0_0-day2.png
>> What does it mean?

if errs-in matches runts-in, then this may be a backplane failure.  You 
need to get an opinion from TAC on this.


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