[c-nsp] Network Management & Local Originated Packets (LOP)

A. Camci avciguzeli at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 12:57:00 EDT 2020

HI guys,

I am working for QOS Network Management traffic and below is the cisco

When addressing the QoS needs of Network Management traffic, Cisco
recommends the following guidelines: • Network Management traffic should be
marked to DSCP CS2. • Network Management applications should be explicitly
protected with a minimal bandwidth guarantee ..

I have now made an example config for IOS XR but it failed on an XE

logging ipv4 dscp cs2
tacacs-server ipv4 dscp cs2
tcp path-mtu-discovery
snmp-server ipv4 dscp cs2
ipv4 dscp cs2
flow exporter-map NF-EXPORTER
dscp 16
ssh server dscp 16

Does anyone have an example for an IOS XE

Best Regards

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