[c-nsp] Constantly decreasing /debug space on Nexus C3064PQ running 7.0(3)I7(6)

list-cisco-nsp at jyborn.se list-cisco-nsp at jyborn.se
Thu Feb 4 06:55:54 EST 2021


We have a Nexus 3064 that is continually decreasing
free space on the /debug filesystem.

# show system internal flash
Mount-on         1K-blocks      Used   Available   Use%  Filesystem
/debug                2048       844        1204     42   none

It decreases by one % every couple of days.

I can't find what is causing this, or how to stop this.

There is no debug logfile active that I can see.

sh debug displays the same as in our other 3064, which don't have this problem:
# sh debug
Service not enabled
Debug level is set to Minor(1)
L2RIB Enabled Debugs:
 default for new sessions logging level: 3

I read that there is a hidden command "show system internal dir",
but when I try using that I get Invalid command whatever I try:

# show system internal dir
# show system internal dir /
# show system internal dir debug:
# show system internal dir debug
# show system internal dir /debug
# show system internal dir /nxos/debug

Anyone know how to check/stop this?



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