[c-nsp] Mobility Express and 700/1600/1700 series AP?

garry at mlfwd.de garry at mlfwd.de
Mon Feb 8 10:34:03 EST 2021


I have a customer that has an old 2504 WLC in production, with a zoo of
different AP models, mostly 1800 series, but also a total of 11
aforementioned model series. At another site I had 1600 series APs
running in mobility express up with version 8.5, but it appears those
models are not supported in 8.8/8.10 ... or is there an image bundle
available that I wasn't able to find that still includes some/all of
those older APs?
As he will need to cover additional areas of the installation, and the
2504 has almost exhausted its licensed AP #, and from what I know am not
able to order any additional AP licenses anymore (apart from the
physical age of the WLC), I'd like to just replace the AP by moving the
controller part over to an 1832, which can control up to 75 APs ...

Thanks, -garry

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