[c-nsp] asr1001-x : dynamic qos on virtual-template

tim at pelican.org tim at pelican.org
Mon Feb 15 09:50:30 EST 2021

Hi Cédric,

On Monday, 15 February, 2021 14:29, "BASSAGET Cédric" <cedric.bassaget.ml at gmail.com> said:

> QoS I'm trying to deploy is not for DLS links, it's for FTTH. I have no
> information about CPE throughput capabilities in access-request or
> accounting messages.

If your access circuit is FTTH, you shouldn't have the same problem as DSL or FTTC, where the actual sync speed and hence bandwidth available can be all over the place, and you need to account for it in your policy.  Keeping things simple, and following Harald's examples of pushing a fixed-name policy via RADIUS might be a better way to go.

Presumably you only have to deal with whatever service tiers are available on your FTTH service, e.g. you need a 100M, 300M and 900M policy with the corresponding parent shaper, not all the possible bandwidth rates in between.  If you've bought 100M FTTH on the access side, you should get 100M, not worry about exactly what "up to 100M" speed you've managed to sync at.


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