[c-nsp] netflow not having stats

james list jameslist72 at gmail.com
Sun May 16 03:34:41 EDT 2021

Dear experts
I've a netflow configured on ASR1001X which is sending indeed udp packet to
collector but not displaying anything on the statistics, any idea why ?


flow exporter EXP_LOGS
 source Port-channel5.99   (this is the ip address used to send netflow
 transport udp 2055
 export-protocol netflow-v5

flow monitor MON_LOGS
 exporter EXP_LOGS
 record netflow ipv4 original-output

interface Port-channel5.7  (this is the interface where Netflow works)
 ip flow monitor MON_LOGS sampler SAMPLER_1 output

sampler SAMPLER_1
 mode random 1 out-of 1024

Here the statistics at zero, but indeed traffic is arriving to the Netflow

Flow Exporter EXP_LOGS:
  Packet send statistics (last cleared 2d16h ago):
    Successfully sent:         0                     (0 bytes)

  Client send statistics:
    Client: Flow Monitor MON_LOG
      Records added:           0
      Bytes added:             0

Thanks in advance for any hint.

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