[c-nsp] storm-control errdisable with no traffic or vlan

Gert Doering gert at greenie.muc.de
Thu Aug 4 01:59:58 EDT 2022


On Wed, Aug 03, 2022 at 07:05:59PM -0400, Joe Maimon via cisco-nsp wrote:
> Even with switchport mode trunk and switchport allowed vlan none, with 
> input counters in single digits, storm control immediately takes the 
> port down after link up. There was negligible traffic on the link before 
> or after the attempt.
> Vendor's best idea is to turn off storm control, which I am only going 
> to do with an isolated switch on site, anyone seen anything like this or 
> have any other ideas?

Make the port a routed port (= ingress packets go nowhere), set up
a SPAN session, find out what sort of packets are coming in (broacast,
multicast, unknown-unicast) and how many of them.  Adjust limits,
as ytti said.

While I agree to "have storm-control anywhere" - if this is intended
to be a routed link, limits can be fairly high (the only reason why
you want storm-control is to protect the 4900M's CPU, not anything
else in the network).

OTOH, a 4900M?  really?


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