[c-nsp] ASR9902 fpd upgrade

Drew Weaver drew.weaver at thenap.com
Wed Dec 20 10:31:39 EST 2023


I've had a TAC case open on this for more than a week but after we upgraded an ASR9902 to 7.9.21 the FPD upgrade process is not completing.

I've gotten it to this point:

show hw fpd | i RLOAD
Wed Dec 20 10:35:41.200 EST
0/RP0      A99-RP-F              1.0   Primary-BIOS         RLOAD REQ  33.29     33.30
0/RP1      A99-RP-F              1.0   Primary-BIOS         RLOAD REQ  33.29     33.30
0/0        ASR-9902-LC           1.0   Primary-BIOS         RLOAD REQ  34.28     34.30
0/0        ASR-9902-LC           1.0   Sunstreaker          RLOAD REQ   0.15      0.19
0/0        ASR-9902-LC           1.0   TAMFW-Sunstreaker    RLOAD REQ   2.65      2.72

I've reloaded the entire router, I've reloaded the specific 'locations', and I've even pulled the power cords out of the router to see if it needs to 'cold start'.

I'm clearly just banging my head against a wall at this point.

Does anyone know how to resolve RLOAD REQ on these?

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