[c-nsp] NCS5k - long downtime during optical failover

Mihai mihaigabriel at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 02:34:06 EDT 2023


I have 2 x NCS5k connected using 100G-LR4 Optomark optics over an 
optical protected circuit from my provider which uses ALS.
A 3 seconds downtime can bee seen (tested with BFD, ICMP, OSPF, etc.) 
during a provider switchover from work to protection path (or vice 
versa) even though the measured recovery time during such events using 
Exfo testers is under 100ms.

The carrier-delay value is configured to 10 seconds hence no interface 
flap, the only event seen in the logs being the RX_FAULT messages due to 
provider's ALS.

Anyone seen something like this and can point me in the right direction?
The next stop would be to open a TAC case of course.


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